sportscene Put Me On has collaborated with PUMA South Africa and together, we are on the lookout for South Africa’s next biggest act! From over 2,500 entries received from all over the country, we’ve listened to each and every entry and shortlisted our favourites. Each Saturday from, 10 August – 24 August, musicians from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban will come together to show off their musical talent and skills.  Keep reading to learn more about each artist that you’ll see perform live and to get the dates and times at which you can pull up to sportscene to show your support.

The overall winner will receive:
A single produced by Gemini Major
A professional music video by Nate Thomas
A chance to perform at Capsule Fest 2019
Exclusive product from Puma for a year
A professional PR package

The top 4 contenders will receive:
Single recorded at sportscene studio
Professional social media content



This young creative’s goal is to globalise Cape Town 021.

KA$HCPT delivers a strong message with a meaning through his music. He describes his style as being something that highlights the diversity of his genre while experimenting with different styles and coming up with new ideas. He quotes, ‘Music can be anything you choose to make it’. It’s evident that this 19 year old Capetonian will stop at nothing to be heard. 


A cool newcomer making waves in the new wave rap scene

LOOKATUPS has taken to the internet to share his creativity online. His music is housed on SoundCloud and his Instagram serves as a platform where he can visually express himself through fashion and photography. The young Cape Town based rapper uses his native tongue, Xhosa, to paint a picture of the inner workings of his young mind. Chaotic, rebellious and adventurous describe his music. 


A versatile artist & music producer

LAY LAY dropped his solo project in March 2017 which put him on the map and gained a large group of followers. Since then he has been making waves on the music scene and was featured recently in BUBBLEGUM CLUB magazine sharing his journey and perspective about the South African youth music culture. Lay Lay delivers a style that incorporates both hype and chilled sounds with something fresh in every song he produces.


Her soulful music tells stories and brings love. Already an avid performer and producer on the Cape Town music scene. 

Her sound and style is made up of Neo-Soul vocal harmonies, R&B acoustics and soothing feel good experiences that her audience can relate to. It is clear that Nalu knows exactly what she’s doing and can write songs that hit that sweet spot of making you feel  good whilst breaking your heart. She produces music that is a raw, honest reflection of who she is and how she prefers to converse with others.


He Reigns, meet rapper JESSE REIGNZ

This Joburg-born rapper who is currently residing in the Mother City to complete his studies (see, he’s not just a pretty face) is also a Vodacom Nxt Lvl competition finalist. He claims to be a poet that lives and breaths hip hop.


BlueK is a 15 year old female rapper, singer, songwriter & dancer from Cape Town. Yes, you heard that right, she is only FIFTEEN!

“BlueK” got her first big break when famous rapper Nadia Nakai shared one of her rap videos on her social media platforms & was noticed by legends such as Cassper Nyovest, Youngsta CPT and Sjava which then catapulted her online presence.
Already with many appearances, on local radio stations and television interviews on the best SA youth shows, BlueK continues to break the internet with the help of her #BlueFam fan base and stun the nation with her awesome rap bars, flows and rhymes. 


MCKAY is already a household name in the highly competitive musical industry

MCKAY is a south African based Nigeria rapper , songwriter and producer. In 2017 he announced his own concept album project, which caught the eye of American Rapper, Big-Sean on Instagram and peaked at number 4 on the TOP 200 HIP-HOP albums.
Mckay’s musical career has ballooned into a higher level and he is ranked number 2 most streamed artist on the continent by Spotify gathering close to 2 million streams.


This artist brings a unique controversial sound and has been identified as a true lyricist

With his versatile flow, hard hitting punch lines, and a sense of confidence, this Hip hop artist from Cape Town displays craft. His style combines trap music , hard rap , soulful rap and hip hop. He gives his listeners story telling, hype and interaction. He is sure to make a name for himself and an impact in the music industry. 


Infamous AJG uses his fiery flow and lyricism over any given beat to bring a unique and top tier sound to local Hip Hop.

Infamous AJG, walks the fine line between trap and conscious music. From opening up for major SA artists Nasty C and AKA on their solo tours to headlining alongside YoungstaCPT and Shane Eagle to performing alongside artists such as A-Reece, Tellaman and Gemini Major to name a few. MyCityByNight named Infamous AJG one of the Top 10 South African upcoming artists to watch out for in 2019.


This female rapper lives and breathes for music

This female rapper lives and breathes for music. Gemii not only wishes to top the charts but also challenge and expand the limits of her genre. She is deemed “the breakout star” amongst her industry peers. She’s equal parts unpredictable and calculated, a somewhat terrifying and all encompassing mixture that leaves listeners in the palm of her hand.


BRAY is reaching for the stars

Bray is a 20 year old rapper that grew up in Mpumalanga in a small village, Watervall B.

He started rapping in primary school, and by the age of 13 he was inspired by rapper star, Lil Wayne. He dropped out of school at 16 and moved to Jo’burg to pursue his rapping career. He is currently gaining traction with his aggressive rap beats and style and will stop at nothing until his dream is translated into stardom.

Christyle Numen is considered the voice of the kids.

Christyle Numen is a producer and artist from Middelburg (Mpumalanga).

He makes music to inspire, express and empower anyone that faces challenges with self-confidence, the same challenges he experienced when growing up. His goal is to show everyone that one is bound to succeed when you put your mind and heart into your craft. He currently has a music video on Channel O and he has an EP coming out soon called, ‘Open Air Signs’. 

Costa Titch considers himself to be a great dancer, producer and live performer.

Costa Titch 24, reps for Nelspruit Mpumalanga.

He has been living in Johannesburg since 2014 and making a name in the industry since 2017. He has already got a leg up on some of his competitors as amazing artists, Djibril, Cisse, Patrickxxlee, VEGASXCESAR, Boskasie and many more have featured
with him. He is pioneering an, ‘African Trap’ sound and tends to jump on ‘Gqom’ beats from time to time. His amazing dance background gives him an edge while performing and his peers believe he is definitely an artist to look out for!  

DREYWAY is coming at you like lightning!

It has taken DREYWAY only a year to get into music the industry.

A new wave of female artists have been making noise and she is part of the reason why we need to pay attention to them. This is her come – up story. 8 months and 1 single in, DREYWAY has managed to get herself recognized in the music industry. Her first single SWIPE MODE features the well-known rapper Ginger Trill who is popularly known for his verse on Riky Rick’s “Amantombazana” remix. DREYWAY’s wave is so hard to miss that just one track in she was able to get a blog post about her influx in the music industry on Slikouronlife. Her sound can be described as trap with a slight infusion of Nicki Minaj-esque bad bitch attitude, DREYWAY is surely coming for EVERYTHING!

FETTIBOYJIM: this young BOSS plans to change the

Luv, peace and harmony basically sums up Fettiboy Jim.

This Johannesburg born and raised native is a smart storyteller and passionate rapper that hopes to make a difference in his fan’s lives when they listen to his music. He might be young, but he has the vision and scope of a seasoned veteran. His songs are exquisite and thoroughly well-produced and outlines a precocious artist wise beyond his years.

INDIGO STELLA: 18, is a motivated rapper, singer and
producer from Johannesburg 

Indigo Stella created her brand at the age of fourteen and drew her inspiration from listening to a lot of Hip Hop, RnB and Pop music; such as Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Dej Loaf.

After the release of her first single her music resonatedimmediately with her peers and moved her to release two other singles and herfirst mixtape all within the same year. Currently her internet fan base consists ofover 15,700 people around the world. Indigo Stella claims to find inspiration in the conversations and interactions she has with her fans; she is encouraged to continue making music to inspire every person that listens to her music and make people feel motivated.

j.s.k xxvi has sonically, artfully and dynamically
redefined the term “Rap Artist” for the modern day

The Volksrust (Mpumalanga) raised & Standerton born “musician” has stretched the boundaries of the rap genre and music as a whole.

J.S.K XXVI is an indie &  experimental rap artist, songwriter and music producer whom is fearlessly taking on a different sound and fusing it with modern artistry. He firmly believes in the art of creating and reshaping as the centre of music evolution. J.S.K XXVI has been giving his listeners an experience of his journey through his collective bodies of work. He currently has 6 EPs and 2 mixtapes to his name.

JULEZUS is summed up as “Astonishing and brilliant”.

Julezus is a multi talented artist that comes from Pretoria.

This newcomer started music this year and has already accomplished over 30 000 plays with his first 3 singles. Julezus has quickly garnered attention from fans and the local music industry. He often performs all over the country and was recently part of multiple sportscene campaigns.

Khenji is determined to get to the top

Born and raised in the township of Alexandra. He is here to prove that you can make it through consistency and passion for your art.

He’s a talented kid and knows it– he’s sure that by working on his craft, he has what it takes to make it all the way. His style is heavily influenced by major artists such as Slick Rick, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. Kenji recently dropped a single titled, ‘High Tide’ which has been well received amongst his fans and is in studio working on a new EP. So keep your eyes and ears open for his next chapter.

LETSO.M is a “girl power” rapper who believes she is on the brink of the’ ‘Big Time’ 

Get ready for 17 year old, Letso.M that believes she is the next biggest female rapper. 

She is working hard to build a fan base by releasing her tracks on the music sharing platform SoundCloud. Her goal to be the female rapper known to attain multiple number-one songs on the charts. This year, expect to see her coming to national prominence as our ears become more attuned to the artists who rap to the beat of their own drums.

Lil VVS Nerv is in it to kill it. 

Lil VVS Nerv is new to the game, but at only 15 believes he has got what it takes.

His music has recently been getting serious hype and has grown into the thousands of plays on various digital platforms that has upped his social media presence. He is currently working closely with Champagne69 and Kreative.Korner and SA.clout recently shared his talent on their various platforms as the kid to watch.

LJ HILLS: our very own music therapist. 

LJ Hills is a seventeen year old RnB singer, songwriter and producer. 

He is said to make music for three main reasons. Firstly, for the love of the art. Secondly, as a form of therapy to process and deal with anything he goes through. Finally, in the hope that others can relate to the music, and use the music as a form of healing of
their own. His objectives and goals hold no limitations. By staying true to himself and his sound, he aims to become a pioneer within the alternative RnB genre and beyond that.

LORDKEZ is fast becoming one of the most prominent voices on the “come up” scene in South Africa. 

Lordkez, 19, hails from Kimberley, Northern Cape and was recently selected as Apple Music “Favourite New Artist” for her debut EP titled “Revenge Season” which dropped across all digital platforms worldwide.

The multifaceted vocalist was raised mostly by her strong independent mother, whom she credits for the majority of her life’s inspiration. She was afforded the privilege to attend high school in Abu Dhabi, where she experienced a variety of cultures, religions & people. As a result, her music has multiple layers. She is known to push the boundaries with soulful vocals telling stories of love & pain over an acoustic guitar or piano keys. She loves to bring across stories of regret, passion, anger, pain and ambition whilst digging deep into the darker trap infused in

LUCASRAPS possesses exceptional rap skills and is fast becoming one of the most ‘to watch’ freestyle performers

This young creative’s goal is to globalise Cape Town 021.

KA$HCPT delivers a strong message with a meaning through his music. He describes his style as being something that highlights the diversity of his genre while experimenting with different styles and coming up with new ideas. He quotes, ‘Music can be anything you choose to make it’. It’s evident that this 19 year old Capetonian will stop at nothing to be heard. 

LUCRETIUS [pronounced Loo-Craysh-Us] is lit! 

Born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, this 18 year old producer, singer and rapper is hoping his music will live years beyond this incarnation. 

He makes music because it’s his oxygen and allows him to be authentic and tell the story that this side of the border is often not heard. He’s been co-signed by the likes of Priddy Ugly, Takura, and Tumi Tladi …At the regional finals for, ‘Put Me On’, he will be performing a song titled “Check The Stance” from the perspective of a child soldier. Listen well, and I Hope you dig it 🙂

Mégod takes pride in his music and uses rap to translate his personal experiences and observations into song. 

Mégod is a writer / producer, and a co-founder of GRAVITY Music Group, which houses 3 young talented artists and currently resides in the West of

Mégod is inspired by current societal events and personal tribulations, all of which are expressed and articulated through profound lyricism and thought provoking sounds. Mégod is inspired by an array of musical talents spanning genres such as indie/ classical rock, blues, soul, funk, RnB and of course, rap music. Before devoting himself to music, Mégod had plans of becoming a lawyer. Although those plans have been scrapped, he continues to study Business Management and is scheduled to graduate in 2020.

MONEY BADOO is a force to be reckoned with!

Money Badoo is a talented singer, rapper and songwriter from the South of Johannesburg.

She started singing, dancing, modelling and designing fashion from a very young age. Her debut music video for the song “RYB” shows how she is able to freely express her multi talents as an overall artist not only co-styling but curating the music video as well. Money Badoo is known for her sultry and unique sound and is fast tracking to the top using poetic lyrics, crisp flow and an authentic take on fashion. This is only the beginning for Money Badoo with much anticipated projects on the way.

Riginalsalo is ready to destroy the competition

Reginalsalo is looking to start a new regime through his distinct sound.

He is a diverse 18 year old singer, rapper, songwriter & all round musician and is using his talent to uplift & be a positive voice for the youth. This teenage sensation has accumulated over 300k SoundCloud streams in only 2 years. His metamorphosis from “SoundCloud artist” to a potentially well renowned artist should be one to look out for. He believes in no time he will take the country by storm. 

WHITNEY is a versatile artist with her uniquely weird genre and style. 

Whitney is a tall and fabulous 22 year old singer and songwriter, born and raised in Johannesburg.

She has made all types of music ranging from contemporary, alternative RnB, soul, house and Hip Hop/Rap. Whitney studied BCom finance at the University of Johannesburg but decided to peruse a career in music and arts instead. She currently has one EP out (produced by a genius named Kevin Blacc) and several other singles. She is wanting to show the world that there is more to South African music than what we hear and see on radio and TV. 

Meet Yuang: He considers himself a prolific writer and an amazing live performer. 

Yuang, pronounced (you-wang) is a young singer, rapper, songwriter from Durban KZN.

He moved to Johannesburg to pursue his dream and he is already in his 10th year of making music. His style combines a mix of Hip-hop , R&B soul , Latin & alternative rock. He’s worked with artists such as Champagne69, Unarams, Zooccicokedope, Lifeofsallie & Nokana Mojapelo. When asked about his goals he says “I just want to make escape music for the people that support me and at the same time make sure my mom and I are cozy so my goal is to do what I’m doing and a faster pace”.


Bhuga Bhengu is merging western and rural experiences in the form of music

Bhuga Bhengu is a breath of fresh air oozing with authenticity that is portrayed in his music.

He incorporates English and Deep Zulu in his lyrics with fresh sounds straight from the rural areas of KZN. He merges trap influences with a heavy bass and distinct African influences which makes his music edgy and fresh.

A cool newcomer making waves in the new wave rap scene

Thesookai: is a versatile artist, producer and sound engineer.

Hailing from the collective Jvnglegym, THESOOKAI is an artist and producer with versatile ease in a multitude of genres. He is an undeniable force of creativity who brings forth his truth and energy to create the sonic dystopia of visions that haunt his dreams. 

Simmysimmynya is fast becoming one of the top young artists to watch.

Simmysimmynya, hails from Pietermaritzburg. He has been featured on Okay Africa’s 25 Top young list.

He topped Ms Cosmo’s #StirUp chart on 5FM and has performed at major events such as Pop Bottles, Head Honcho WavesXV, Nasty C’s Ivyson Tour and most notably Rocking The Daisies. Music collaborations include Uno July, Ginger Trill & Stiff Pap. He has shared stages with the likes of AKA, Cassper Nyovest, Khuli Chana & Black Motion, as well as headlined alongside Ricky Rick, Nasty C, Kwesta & Emtee on the iPotsoyi Spring Festival main stage. 

Saptic was born to be a champion

Saptic is a 22 year old hip hop rapper, singer and fashion model from Durban, Chesterville.

Also known as the ‘Trap Souler’ for his dark emotionally expressive taste of sound. Saptic prides himself in painting pictures using his musical ability to promote mental and spiritual freedom. He first made a TV and radio appearance at age 18 ,when he went on to win the 2018 Gagasi FM Competition.

Ms Andii is hoping the world gets to see her talent rise in a male dominated genre

Ms Andii is a rising artist from Westville, Durban. Her passion for the arts all began as a teenager, where she danced and performed for a group named Protege.

Ms Andii then continued her journey when she made the big move to Joburg. It wasn’t long before her natural talent on stage got her noticed by some of the biggest SA clubs. She often performed and hosted events as master of ceremonies on a regular basis. In 2015 she began her journey as a recording artist. Her debut single “Work” was released and gave her the opportunity to tour while promoting it at her live shows. The single was also played on 5fm.

Meet Smule

He considers himself skillful with his sharp wordplay and lyricism.

Smule is a talented 19 year old rap artist from Durban. His music creates a demand from his fans and this is evident at his live shows. Smule has been doing music for 2 and a half years now and seems to be gaining momentum with every song he produces. The young talent has worked on a few singles but managed to drop his first EP on Soundcloud titled, ‘No Fan Of Limits’, which he claims is a beautiful piece of work.